The 5 Best Mobile Games Like Hades

Posted by Campbell Bird on September 23rd, 2020

Supergiant Games finally released Hades upon the world this week, and we’re loving it. The game plays to all of the studio’s strengths while still retaining a strong sense of identity. It also just so happens to play rather well using the Steam Link.

If you don’t have Hades, a PC or console that can run it, or perhaps have already blazed through it, try these mobile games that can give you some of the great blend of style and action that makes Supergiant’s latest so good.

Bastion (Free)

Perhaps the most obvious choice to go with here is another Supergiant game. Bastion initially released back in 2011, but you can see a lot of its core in Hades. Although this game isn’t quite of the highly repeatable roguelike variety, Bastion is a great action-rpg that has aged incredibly well.

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Dead Cells ($8.99)

Dead Cells is another easy suggestion to make here, as it contains the same “run, die, unlock, repeat” loop. Dead Cells may not have the narrative underpinnings that Hades does, but it sure does feel great, and it’s a heck of a lot harder. Seriously, if you like Hades and haven’t checked out Dead Cells yet, this is a no-brainer.

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Grimvalor ($6.99)

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Grimvalor is definitely more Dark Souls and Castlevania than it is Hades, but it sports a super slick combat system that feels better than any other I’ve encountered on the App Store. This alone makes it worthy of so many comparisons to other action titles, Hades included.

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Wayward Souls ($6.99)

Wayward Souls is a mobile classic at this point. It was a pioneer in bringing action roguelikes by boiling the form down to its essentials and making things mobile-friendly to boot. The six year old game feels like a classic SNES title that never was, and stays fresh with its multiple character classes and endless supply of procedurally generated environments.

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Juicy Realm ($2.99)

Juicy Realm is a fantastic little roguelike that uses the same room-based structure as Hades. Although it has precious little story, the game is bursting with color and has a ton of creative weapons and powers. This game is worth getting regardless of whether you want a Hades-like or not, but definitely pick it up if you’re looking something that is as close to Hades as you can get on mobile.

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