Staying at home under lockdown kinda sucks. Totally necessary, yes, but also more than a little anxiety-inducing and often boring. Thankfully, we've got lots of great multiplayer games to play with friends and keep us sane, the latest of which, the excellent Same Room Games, delivers multiplayer mini-game fun for all ages.

It's specifically designed to create enjoyable social experiences that should help lift spirits and get everyone chatting. It's up to you whether you want to compete alone to earn the highest score or work together as a team.

Playing online with others couldn't be easier, and there are plenty of games to keep you entertained for hours. These come in all different varieties – some are simple quizzes, while others are a bit more involved.

Know Your Friends is one of the standouts. All members of the team will be asked the same question, then one answer will be revealed. It's up to the players to decide whose answer it is, so it's really a test to determine just how well you know your friends.

Another fun one is One Word Photo. Here, one player will have to describe a photo with one word. All other players will then be challenged to guess what the picture might be, and the team whose member guessed correctly will win the round.

There are lots more, and they're all super varied. There's even an intense zombie mini-game where one player attempts to escape a dungeon while everyone else hunts them down.

Same Room Games isn't one to miss if you're in the market for casual multiplayer fun. You'll find it over on Google Play and the App Store.

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