YOOZOO Games' popular MMORPG Rangers of Oblivion is set to receive a sizeable update this summer. It will see the introduction of a new mutated Behemoth, five Wildsouls and a whole hose of other things.

This new Behemoth looks like a standard descendant at first glance. However, once angered they become faster, more aggressive and their power will significantly increase. They use special crystals that are powered by primeval energy when their limbs are under attack. This means that standard Ranger weapons can't harm them.

Fortunately, Soulblades were created to help fell these powerful beasts. Hunters will need to carry two weapons then, one standard and a Soulblade, and switch between them as is necessary. Players will be able to unlock Soulblades at level 80 through a side quest.

As previously mentioned, five new Wildsouls are set to arrive in the game. They will each have their own strengths and weaknesses that lend themselves nicely to filling different roles. The five upcoming characters will include:

• Mercury - Oracle of Light (Light Wildsoul)
• Lear - The Two-Faced God (Shadow Wildsoul)
• Panoptica - The Observer (Mystic Wildsoul)
• Diana - Goddess of the Hunt (Titan Wildsoul)
• Cupid - Goddess of Love (Natural Wildsoul)

Elsewhere, the game has also had a few adjustments since its last update. For instance, players can now customise the outfits of each Ranger with talismans. Moreover, there are special packages available that are designed for newcomers to the game. They contain a mix of rare items, wild souls, costumes and companion costumes.

Rangers of Oblivion is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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