MU ORIGIN 2 adds new equipment, maps, and more in its latest update

Posted by Luke Frater on January 28th, 2021
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Webzen has rolled out another big update for its hit, MMORPG, MU Origin 2. Among the highlights players can look forward to are the addition of new equipment, Elemental monsters, and new ways of obtaining Elemental Stigmas.

First off, one of the most exciting new features is the introduction of Runes - a brand new equipment type that boosts your combat powers by increasing your attack and defence abilities. Runes come in two different types, one for each ability, and are available for players that are level 280 or higher. You can obtain Runes by using the Item Draw system or vanquishing foes encountered in Abyss.

Abyss is also set to serve up some new challenges too, in the form of a new Elemental Elite Monster type. As the name suggests, each Monster will embody one of the five element types. Upon dispatching these enemies you’ll receive items that you can use to boost your own elemental properties. Defeating Boss Monsters found in the Elemental Dungeon will also net you special equipment for summoning Stigmas using the Elemental Stigma Summon System to make your elemental powers even more prodigious.

Enterprising VIP treasure hunters will be treated to even more exclusive items, provided they’re powerful enough to slaughter the Boss Monsters lying in wait in a new Abyss Altar. You’ll require diamonds, a level of 280 or more, and at least level 5 VIP status before you can enter the Altar.

Guild Battle & Abyss Guild Battle features have also now been renewed as a tournament format where guilds will be randomly matched in battles consisting of two 15 minute rounds. Players will also encounter a new Abyss Map, various UI changes, shop types, and bug fixes to make for an even more refined MU experience.

MU Origin 2 is available to download for free for iOS and Android.

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