Marmalade Game Studio has launched Jigsaw Video Party, a new multiplayer party game for iOS and Android devices.

Designed to recreate the feeling of sitting down with friends to chat, Jigsaw Video Party has you interacting face-to-face via video chat all whilst completing a jigsaw puzzle together. Marmalade hopes to unite the players by using a classic pastime to bring them together over the internet, by allowing friends to form groups with each other and start games directly.

Jigsaw Video Party has both text and video chat capabilities, meaning the experience is as close to playing in person as much as possible. This also extends to how flexible the system is, where you can join, leave and rejoin as and when you choose, which also allows for games to be paused and picked up again much later on.

Check out this trailer for Jigsaw Video Party to see more of the game in action. As you can see, it allows you and up to three friends to construct beautiful jigsaw puzzles together.

“We’ve wanted to create a game with fully integrated video and text chat for a long time,” says Cristina Mereuta from Marmalade Game Studio. “We always set out to bring people together through our games, and adding a face-to-face element just makes sense.”

“It’s exciting to be bringing this dream to life through Jigsaw Video Party, because Jigsaw puzzles are the ultimate group activity. When we set out to complete a jigsaw puzzle, we have one aim and one shared achievement. We sit down and solve it. We chat and catch up and make something beautiful at the same time. We can’t wait for players to have this experience on their mobiles.”

You can now download Jigsaw Video Party from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game with in-app purchases.

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