Infinity Blade's first major content update has hit, entitled The Deathless Kings. The meat of the update focuses on the new Deathless Kings section of the game. Accessible through a new path at the castle gates, or right before the lift that leads to The God King's lair. Now, to access the dungeon that leads to the Deathless Kings, you have to have bought the Infinity Blade in game, meaning that this section is, by design, only for experienced players who have amassed large quantities of gold either through massive playtime or by buying gold via in-app purchases so that they could buy the Infinity Blade, which costs $750,000 in in-game currency. When you finally unlock it, you get to fight the three Deathless Kings, some of the toughest enemies in the game. If you can manage to beat them, you unlock NewGame+, which starts you over in a new bloodline with all your equipment, items and gold intact, and with the ability to re-master them and level up even further. Of course, all the enemies will be stronger as well, so don't just expect a walk in the park. Of course, if you can beat NewGame+, then you can do it again.

For those less obsessed with the game, but are returning to check out the game with the update, there's fresh content for you as well. 30 new items have been added to the game, along with 10 new enemies, like the Warden, and the Wood Jester. As well, there are new Game Center leaderboards and achievements, the ability to have multiple character slots, and new settings. Of course, the most exciting new feature may just be the ability to reset the game to Bloodline 1, in case you want to go back to the halcyon days when The God King was just level 50, and you can smack him around, just like you did the first time. Ahhh, memories. The Deathless Kings is a free update to the same universal Infinity Blade app, and more features are promised in the future, including online Game Center multiplayer to fight your friends.

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