How to score big in Pelé: Soccer Legend

Posted by Matt Suckley on May 13th, 2016
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You might think yourself pretty well-versed in Flick Kick-style football games, but are you getting the best out of Pelé: Soccer Legend?

Here's how to bag the best rewards, make your shots count, and ensure you don't get trounced in PvP.

Don't jump in

The PvP is by far the most interesting part of Pelé: Soccer Legend, but even if you're a hardened Flick Kick expert, you shouldn't dive right in.

There are tons of these swipey football games, but each has its own subtle differences and physics quirks.

Pelé: Soccer Legend is no different, so plough through some levels before doing irreparable damage to your PvP win ratio. It'll also help you rack up some coins, which you'll need as your stake.

Play it simple

Although in single player you're encouraged to fire spectacular top corner strikes to bag those bonus points, in PvP it's all about the multiplier.

So you can play it simple. There's no shame in hitting it straight down the middle.

As long as you keep scoring, you'll rack up a decent score - and your opponent will only have to miss once for you to capitalise.

Eye on the ball

It sounds simple, but most similar games are pretty liberal about exactly where you swipe. Not so Pelé: Soccer Legend, which is actually quite finicky in this regard.

If you're wondering why all your headers go straight at the keeper, for instance, readjust your thumb to account for changed ball position and ensure you're swiping through it.

Never waste a free kick

It's easy to miss, but in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen there's a panel that says 'Free Kick'. Tap it, and you get a shot at an open goal filled with Hearts, Gold, and Cash.

You have to watch a short video ad, and you're restricted to one every 5 minutes, but if you remember to check in a couple of times a session it's well worth it.

Are you banging the goals in like Ronaldo now? Let us know in the comments below!

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