How to recruit heroes in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 20th, 2016
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There’s a lot going in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, with plenty for you to sink your teeth in.

One of the main things you’re going to need to progress is an effective team of heroes by your side, so148Apps is here to guide you through how you can acquire new heroes.

Buy Superior Power Cells

You could try testing your luck and try to get a hero from a Superior Power Cell. These cost 25 gold and unlock either a new hero or a new ability for one of your existing ones.

The problem is, it's totally random. You may get an awesome new hero, but you might also just get an ability for an unwanted one.

Gold is reasonably simple to come by, but it’s expensive to buy with real money, so you'll want to be conservative here.

How many heroes do I need?

Ideally, you want to have a team of five heroes that you’re comfortable with, and this totally depends on your playstyle.

Figure out how you want to lay the smackdown on your opponents and use heroes that allow you to do that while synergising well with their partners.

Log in regularly

There's a ton of stuff to do inMarvel: Avengers Alliance 2but that's not the only reason you have to log in each day.

After seven days of logging in, you’re rewarded with a new three star Avenger. That means the likes of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, will be available for use.

Use your friends’ heroes

If you have a bunch of friends playing, you can use their heroes temporarily to assist you in a tougher battle.

This can be an essential method of progressing, so get pestering your friends to play as much as possible and tempt them by offering your powerful heroes up for their use.

Which hero did you get super excited to recruit? Let us know in the comments!

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