How to get better cards in Mobius Final Fantasy

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 8th, 2016
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When it comes to authentic Final Fantasy flavor, it's easy to find in Mobius Final Fantasy. The cryptic story and graphical style hit you right from the start, and you don't have to play for too long before you run into a Moogle, Cactuars, and plenty of other instantly familiar touches.

There's a lot that is new as well. One aspect of the gameplay that stands out as something that series veterans may not grasp but that mobile gamers in general should find comfortable is the card-based system that specifies what abilities you bring into combat and how generally tough your character is as well.

It's not a super complicated system, but neither is it immediately obvious how one goes about acquiring better cards to have your character fully prepared for the challenges that are waiting down the road (pretty literally, in the case of this particular game). With that in mind, we thought we'd lay out all the ways you have to improve your cards in Mobius Final Fantasy, the better to have the best possible deck.

Summon some reinforcements

If there's a trend that's almost universal among mobile games of all genres right now, it's to give you upgrades or power-ups in random fashion. Such is the case with Mobius Final Fantasy, at least to some extent.

To see what we mean, simply tap the 'Shop' tab and then scroll down the menu. You'll see two options that we want to discuss: 'Ability Shop' and 'Summon Cards.'

Let's tackle the latter option first. The 'Summon Cards' shop allows you to grab either a new Job card, a 3 or 4 star ability (random, but fully boosted), or Cactuar cards you can use to level your existing cards. For the first three, you'll need either Summon Tickets -- six for a Job, two for a 3 star ability, or five for a 4 star ability -- or the right amount of magicite, with 500 magicite equivalent to one Summon Ticket.

The Ability Shop is different. There, you can spend special Ability TIckets, which are much easier to come by than Summon Tickets. The differences here are that you can pick the exact ability you want, though these tend to be of the weaker and more common variety.

So to sum up, you can summon strong cards but have to leave some things up to fate. Or you can pick the exact cards you want if you're okay with getting weaker ones. Both methods have their uses, especially because ...

Fusion isn't just for food

You might want to take some notes here. The idea of fusing cards you don't want to power up the cards you'll use often isn't new. But the fusion system is a little complicated.

Depending on the card used in fusion, you might be able to power up the target card in three different ways:

  • Providing basic experience to level up the target card.
  • Increasing the number of Skillseeds the card provides, which can be used to unlock new sections on the Job card in your deck.
  • Increasing the level of a card's Ability.

When you go into the 'Fusion' menu -- which you'll find under the 'Cards' menu -- you'll first select the target card. After that, you'll see a handy view of your other ability cards which displays the EXP gain, Skillseed Fusion chance, and Ability Fusion chance (if applicable) that card provides.

For each card you use in Fusion, you'll have to chip in some gil, which is the basic currency in Mobius Final Fantasy. The results will be displayed immediately.

Conquer and win

Last but certainly not least, you'll have a chance to earn better cards by simply progressing through the game. Basic ability cards suitable for fusion drop often, but more powerful cards of two stars and up can be found as rewards for defeating certain bosses. Just keep at it and you're going to end up with better cards.

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