The Fast and the Furious is an action film series full of fast cars, hard-ass characters, and illegal shenanigans that first came out in 2001. The upcoming film, Furious 7, continues the storyline of the third film - The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Kabam has done a lot of movie tie-in games like The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth, Marvel Contest of Champions, and even Fast and the Furious 6, so it was no surprise to find out that they've developedFast & Furious: Legacy, which proposes to cover all of the F&F movies so far.

Cuz Parry, Creative Director for Fast & Furious: Legacy,took some time to talk with 148Apps about the upcoming game.

148Apps: Can you give us a little background on Fast & Furious: Legacy? What can we expect?

Cuz Parry (CP):Fast & Furious: Legacy is a brand new, free-to-play, action-packed driving game available now on mobile devices. It's an homage to the entire Fast & Furious franchise featuring fan-favorite heroes and villains, a wide selection of cars, and classic locations from the Fast & Furious movies including some surprises from the new Furious 7 movie. We're huge fans of the franchise and we wanted to create something that both old and new fans will love.

148Apps:What lessons do you learn from Kabam’s previous Fast & the Furious 6 game to improve on Fast & Furious: Legacy?

CP:People absolutely love the Fast & Furious franchise, thrive on the action, and lust after super hot customizable cars. So, we set about delivering on all these fronts with Fast & Furious: Legacy. The game’s story and dialogue pays tribute to what's transpired in the movies. The gameplay improved upon the modes people enjoyed from Fast & Furious 6: The Game, and we added a bunch of new high-octane Street modes to mirror some of the driving action you see in the movies. And finally, we pushed the limits to provide the highest quality car graphics on mobile with an amazing amount of cool customizations. You'll definitely be able to trick out your dream ride and tear up the streets of your favorite Fast & Furious locations.

148Apps:The game boasts over 50 cars. Which ones are your favorites?

CP:We have loads of gear heads on the team, and everyone has their own favorites and types ranging from the exotics, to the tuners, to the high-end imports and more. Me? I'm partial to the vintage American muscle cars that helped define some of the characters in the movies... ahem... Dodge Chargers FTW!

148Apps:Did the studio work with anyone from the movie while making the game?

CP:We didn't get to hang with the "stars"... I guess they were kind of busy making a movie... but we did get to brainstorm with a good amount of people that have created the movies and are guardians of the Fast & Furious franchise lore. That was super cool and really helpful. With the success of Kabam’s previous Fast & Furious game, they were stoked to riff on possibilities for a new game that pays tribute to all the movies in their beloved series.

148Apps:What aspects of the game do you think will really rev fans up?

CP:Aside from the amazingly detailed hero cars, iconic characters, and beautifully rendered locations from the movies, I'm thinking our new Street, Getaway, and Takedown modes will get fans revving their engines. These modes ramp up the action just like the movies find a way to ramp up the action with each new installment in the franchise.

Thanks Cuz!Fast & Furious: Legacy is available on the App Store now - just ahead the movie's release on April 3.

Fast & Furious: Legacy

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Released: 2015-03-25 :: Category: Game


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