Civilization VI Guide - How to Best Jump Into the New DLC

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 26th, 2018
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Civilization VI is a fantastic port of the excellent PC strategy game, and it just got some nice additional content added to it, which includes the ability to play as the Polish and the Vikings. We've spent some time with both civilizations, and now have some handy tips on how to best use each of them. See below:

Polish=Civilization, Vikings=Scenario

The first thing to note about these pieces of downloadable content is that they aren't created equal. The Polish add-on for the game lets you play as the Polish in all of the game's regular modes, as well as a specific scenario to play. The Vikings, on the other hand, do not quite receive the same treatment. The Vikings civilization was already included in the base version of Civilization VI, so the Vikings pack only includes some new wonders, city states, and a Viking scenario to play through.

Poland Tips

If you want to dive into playing the Polish, the main thing you want to keep in mind is that your most viable path to victory is through religion. The civilization's strengths include the ability to steal bordering territory when building Encampments or Forts plus the added bonus of making Poland's religion the majority in neighboring cities that lose land from this ability. These stats also make Poland pretty viable at attaining Culture and Domination win states, though you might struggle if you try to use Poland to achieve a Scientific victory.

Viking Tips

If world domination is truly your goal the Vikings (also referred to as Norway in the game) is an ideal civilization to pick. The added DLC scenario underscores this by pitting you against the rest of Europe as you pillage your way across England, Paris, and even civilizations along the Mediterranean Sea. Vikings excel through the use of their longships, which are the strongest pre-Renaissance naval units in the game. It also helps that Vikings get production bonuses on ships and can even heal their naval units in neutral territory. Between that and the unique Berserker unit that gains bonuses specifically for being in enemy territory and being on the offensive, it's clear that you'll do well if you're constantly raiding your enemies.

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