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January is over and done with. Welcome to February. I hope it's been treating you well. And if it hasn't, well come over here, have a sit down and a cup of cocoa, and read all about the exciting things happening across the Steel Media empire over the last seven days.

Every week we're going to point you to some of the awesome content that's gone up on our sister sites. That way you stay connected to the world of mobile gaming, and we get to share the best work for all the world to see. So, without further ado, let's get it on.

Pocket Gamer

My word a lot happened at Pocket Gamer. First columnist Jon Jordan started a bit of a ruckus by explaining how he doesn't really like premium games. Then the site took a long hard look back at brilliant puzzle adventure The Room.

If you wanted more The Room content, the whole PG team weighed in with some thoughts about The Room: Old Sins. And then someone called Harry Slater went mad and defended the Super Mario Bros movie starring Bob Hoskins.

And if that wasn't enough, columnist Susan Arendt talked about her love for The Battle of Polytopia. It's a really good piece and you can read it by clicking right here.

Android Rundown

Our Google-focused pals at Android Rundown put up some gems this week too. Their Blast From the Past series took us back to have a gander at the classic point and click adventure Broken Sword.

They also checked out the new multiplayer shooter MazeMilitia. Did they like what they saw? You're going to have to click this link here to find out.


As usual, AppSpy kept you up to date with all the comings and goings in the world of mobile gaming news. This piece about Gunslugs 3 gearing up to hit the App Store and Google Play Store was a particular favourite.

And Christian Valentin dug up another hidden gem in the shape of Good Fences. You can read what he thinks of the subtle puzzler by clicking here.

AppSpy Video

The video arm of AS was, as ever, cranking out the best mobile gaming videos on the internet. First there was this hands-on with the bafflingly named Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia -

And then there were these excellent hints and tips for recent card-based roguelike Meteorfall -

And that's your lot. Come back next week when we'll be shining a lot on all the corners of the SM empire all over again.

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