New State Mobile has recently gone live with its 0.9.45 update, and it comes with a meta-changing new map. LAGNA is a giant desert map focusing on mid-to-long-range combat with open areas surrounded by ridges, or in other words, there will be headshots galore.

If you have ever been playing New State and thought this game needs a bit more suspense, then step right into LAGNA. This giant 16 square kilometre map is full of deserts with countless ridges and rocks scattered around the wide-open landscape, and where there are perches, there are snipers.

What will no doubt become the most rage-inducing map known to man, there are some safe ways to cross the otherwise sniper-strewn landscape, and that is the tram system. These will provide safety, healing, and transport for players, as will the cable cars for those who are looking to get a bit more height supremacy. Those high-ground heroes will have to stay on their toes, however, as a tweak to the Blue Zone means those further from the safe zone will take increased damage, so you can’t camp forever.

For those with a death wish, you could also check out LAGNA’s two new vehicles to travel in a not-so-safe style. The Rex is a four-passenger pickup truck, sturdy enough to tackle the rough terrain and also offer a modicum of cover from those pesky sharpshooters. If you really want to tempt fate, then the Acton is a two-seater quad bike that will let you zip around the dunes, right until the driver is taken out by a headshot and leaves the passenger a sitting duck.

To keep an eye on these sniping nuisances, check out the Mk47 Mutant semiautomatic rifle. Its new tracking bullets will ping enemies you hit for 10 seconds for you and your squad, even when they reach cover. The downsides however are an unusable magazine slot and decreased recoil control so it won’t be the best for sustained encounters.

Free and premium players alike will be able to obtain Volume 16's newest protagonist, Jenny Quick. By completing her newly added story missions you can unlock the free face customization for her, however, Premium players will also nab the New State Jenny Quick costume set.

Make sure you download New State Mobile now from the App Store and Google Play to scout out those new camping spots before they’re all gone.

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