Our round up of the best games of the year has rolled along to February. Which makes sense, since we started off with January - click here and you'll be able to read the top 5 in its entirety - and February was definitely a doozy, we can tell you that.

We've included download links so you can grab the games without leaving the comfort of this browser window. And, where applicable, we've stuck a link to our review in as well, so you can make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before you spend any money or download anything.

Remember to check out all of the other lists we've been writing over the past few months by clicking here. Click here to get the low-down on the best holiday gifts for mobile gamers. And make sure you come back next week when we'll be heading down a different part of memory lane and rounding up the best games of March 2018.

Alto's Odyssey

- download for iOS

Sometimes sequels leave you feeling a bit cold. That's definitely not the case here though - the second Alto's game is just as fresh and invigorating as its predecessor. And it's set in a desert, which is definitely warmer than the frozen wasteland where the first game took place. Trust us, you're going to play this one with a big smile on your face.

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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

- download for iOS

This one's a triple-A game that's had some of its edges thickened up so it'll work for mobile. And it works really, really well. It might not have the shine or the swagger of its console and PC big brother, but the thrilling story and awesome combat is all right where it should be. You can grab the first chunk of the game for free, and you're going to love it.

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- download for iOS

A calming, thoughtful, and charming story about falling in and out of love. There's not much here to actually do, but that's not the point in Florence. Instead it's about living through the important little moments that make up a relationship, the good and the bad. It won't take you long to finish this one, but it'll stay with you long after you've put it down.

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Dig Dog - Treasure Hunter

- download for iOS

It might have the look of something simple, but actually Dig/Dog is a challenging rogue-lite that sees you digging up bones and, perhaps more importantly, lets you play as a dog. Any game where you play as a fluffy animal is fine by us. The fact this one is super entertaining and works brilliantly on touchscreen means its place on this list is well deserved.

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Death Squared

- download for iOS

A puzzling adventure with some intriguing ideas that's going to make you think outside the box. Or sort of close to the box anyway, since you're basically playing as a bunch of boxes. Not only is this one a lot of fun, there's a rich vein of charm that runs through the whole thing. Death Squared offers just the right mix of head-scratching and laughs, so don't miss out on giving it a go.

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