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Omotesando, Aoyama neighborhood who righteousness No.1! App renewal of "super-popular fortune-teller"!
"Good and bad also" mercilessly and center! Were surpassed usual the "hit", in [appraisal per Geki], all "truth" is Minuki, you can tell.

△ ▼ △ completely free appraisal △ ▼ △
, "Just hit" Yet "free"! [Your fortune today] you want to fortune-telling even every day
-Expose-nature "face of" real "you" to yourself do not even know, center-appraisal of the surprise
- No mistake Knowing even this! You only ["good luck" super class skills back and "weakness" of life;
△ ▼ △ pay full appraisal △ ▼ △
· I met [Why? I completely understand the "ties of love" NG!! And the two "do not know"]!
· "Talent", "success", "right choice" which career change [] "superb" job appraisal is see through [current job] or!
• How to change the "next" approach [premonition of upheaval!] Only to you ○ ○, a life?
· [Marriage "deep"] appraisal meeting also propose also found round! Features all large public opponent's fate
· [Marriage partner of you, this man right out] absolutely no lie! I completely understand the great love of fate
· I see through [I truly encounter "good match judgment"] in! Trigger-ending feature of all-love the other
· It is the [person! The only notice] after! Opposite sex who loves you dearly
· Work and life [judgment "super" ultimate version] love nor money! Perfect Zhan shed the future and your destiny
- To hear that the [prepared! Also obvious "truth" as well] "lie"! [Eye of Two] see through from the affinity of five
· [Surprise] expose real intention judgment of that person "lie nor secret" without mercy! "The true feelings, It is completely exposed to view!"
· [Or truth fate full fathom! Events "outside expected" visit to this love all true feelings × of that person;
· I promise to upheaval [!] "The progress in a moment" unrequited love is painful! "Zhan fulfillment of love" of shock
, "Emergency" unrequited love appraisal! [Two of events × subsequent large turning point × fate of love "next" approach]
· After all, the complete response "for now I love target? Pulse without?" Not cheat "real intention of that person"
• The return to [lover? Tears of gratitude] appraisal of ending ~ ~ miracle of progress, the love of regret, future of that person
· Because I really like affair [limited], you can not do a turning back ... that people choose to last you?
...... I prepare the other in one menu

The turning point in the work and marriage. Widely available menu as "adultery", and Tsukuseru Divine "Melia" of life in the "unrequited love" alone whereabouts of love!
In response to the judgment menu 3 × pay full appraisal completely free appraisal (¥ 350 ~) 17 menu, a total of 20 menu, please realize the fortune to hit the "elite"!

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App Changes

  • December 31, 2014 Initial release
  • January 14, 2015 New version 1.0.2