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◎◎ Store your image in a real-world location to later release as a time capsule!

The first and only user-friendly time-capsule app for the iPhone. Ideal for creating and storing memories with your friends, family and significant other. A must-have for parents!

PARENTS: Photograph and record your child as he grows. When the time is right, bring him back to all those memorable places and show him -- literally -- what his childhood was like.

LOVERS: Chronicle your first and most important moments together. Once your love has matured, return to those remarkable moments and renew those initial feelings.


◎◎ Store photographs via GPS -- automatically. Memcap remembers where you are when you take a picture and stores it at that GPS. You only need return to find your photo.

◎◎ Find the photos of your friends and family. Wander around the city to find out what others have done. The built-in map shows you the available memories stored around you. Follow the map to find your friends’ pictures and videos!

◎◎ Lock your private images. Protect those private moments, sharing them with only those you choose to let know. Don’t let grandpa see you kissing your girlfriend and don’t let your girlfriend see you kissing your other girlfriend.

◎◎ Create a scavenger hunt for your lover. Start him with a hint to help him find the first picture. Then send him off on a scavenger hunt to find the next location. Relax quietly at the final destination -- perhaps a romantic café -- as your lover follows clue to clue until he finds you. But don’t forget to reward him!

◎◎ Store images as time capsules. Set release times for images, allowing others to see those images only after the release date has arrived. Bring back the time capsule tradition without all the work of digging and burying!

◎◎ Comment on others’ memories. Let your friends know that you’ve discovered their past, and they’ll be likely to do the same.

◎◎ Split your photos between Memcap and Facebook. Put those special memories in Memcap, with Facebook being your place for repostings and daily happenings. Save your most special pictures for Memcap. Memcap does not work on a linear time scale, so it doesn’t push your best pictures off your wall; your pictures will always be physically where you left them.

◎◎ Exercise while you do your social media. Instead of sitting around on social media sites all day, use Memcap. Remember, you can’t see others’ pictures sitting home at the computer; you’ve got to get up and movin! Use Memcap as your excuse to go for a daily walk, jog or bus ride across town.

◎◎ Take videos, too. Don’t limit yourself to pictures -- video recordings make for good memories, too! Memcap can let you store videos the same way you store images. Easy-peasy!

◎◎ Never lose your memories. Don’t worry about losing your photos and videos if you accidently delete your hard drive, misplace your photo album or drop your iPhone in the dishwasher. Memcap stores your memories in location, meaning you can always find them if you know where to go.

◎◎ 100% FREE!

◎◎ 100% NO ADS!

If you’re still reading this: STOP HESITATING. Don’t wait to get Memcap. NOW is only here for a moment, and it’s passing you by. This moment won’t return. But Memcap can help you leave a mark in this world.

Memcap is your life record, and it goes wherever you go.

Start memorializing your life today.

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  • June 18, 2014 Initial release


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