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Release Version: 1.1
Release Date: June 18, 2011

Release Notes:
- Add Rating Manager Module
- Remove unused classes

App Description

Can you Ace the Chimp?!?!

Don't let the "insulting" chimp get on your nerves!

A reward code for a valuable prize will be waiting for you to claim after successfully beating the last "Boss Chimp" Level. Instructions to redeem this prize will be provided.

Inspiration of the game is from a "limited-hold memory task" on two chimps, Inoue and Matsuzawa, from Kyoto University in Japan. Numbers are displayed on a screen, and the test is to remember the numbers in order and touch them. Results showed that the chimps were much faster and more accurate than people:

Simply touch the numbers in order within the time limit. The quicker you complete a level, the higher the scores and ratings you will get.

On certain levels, you can earn power-ups when you get a NEW high score and 3 banana rating. As a strategy, use the power-ups wisely. They will come handy in the "Boss Chimp" levels.

The "Boss Chimp" levels at the end of each episode are tricky since it's based on the quick reaction time as well as figuring out the ways to beat it. (Hint: Try remembering the sequence orders and patters - impossible to beat otherwise).

Simple to Learn, Impossible to Master.

1) Add more time to the limit - an extra second might help solve the level.
2) Shows the hidden pieces - unflip the numbers that are hidden.
3) Solve two pieces - automatically remove two game pieces from the sequence to ease the level.

1) To gain power-ups, achieve 3 banana rating and high scores.
2) Replay levels and get NEW high score with 3 banana rating to gain more power-ups.
3) Try to choose wisely when to use power-ups because "Boss Chimp" levels are nearly impossible to beat without power-ups.
4) Remember the boss level patterns and tricks - easy to beat if you know how.

1) 5 Themed Chimp-packed Episodes
2) 150 total levels to solve
3) Funny insults from the chimp
4) High Scores and Banana Rating on each level

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  • June 12, 2014 Initial release