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*********** PROMOTION: $0.99 before Feb 20th (normal price at $2.99).

Our colony planet is in danger! Use 20+ weapons and items to fight against waves and waves of alien attack.

You’ve never seen so many bug-like aliens on your iPad. They flood your iPad screen and your own planet. What you are requested to do is simple: fight back and destroy them all!

Point Tap: Shoot
Draw-A-Track: Strafe
Corner Button: Synthesize items on-the-go
Research & Purchase: Upgrade your weapon
Cannon: Your huge help with area-damage
Repair Kit: Recover your health
X-Pulse: Freeze all aliens on screen
Crystal Nuke: Kill’em all
More weapons and bullets for your choice in the game!

Do NOT play this game within 1 hours before bed!
It causes light feverish feeling from your boosted heart beat and blood flow.
Continuous play will cause pain on your finger and your iPad (even it can’t tell you that).

**** Game Story *****************************************************************
You play John, a retired captain from Thunder Army. You own a farm on a desert planet, Home Oasis (Planet No. OGLF-2150-BLC-390Lb). You live a not wealthy but peaceful life.
But one day, the aliens come.

They are unstoppable. Planet guardian troops are of no defense against these flooding bugs. Your planet has been abandoned by the colony government, and without a warning…

Now you stand up, on your own, with your fellow people’s hope of life on your guns!
Fight those bugs and make this your own epic!



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