App Description

***** The most innovative mixture of digital board and role-playing game coming to your iPhone/iPod!

GOAL: Kill The Dragon and Save The Princess!

The mage is an ingenious class. It's not the hardest to play, by any sense, but playing one well requires a measure of panache. When playing a mage, it's not necessarily about dealing damage, but doing it gracefully.

- Play alone or challenge up to 3 opponents
- Save on exit feature
- Attack Spells: Fireball, Lighting, Wall of Fire and Poison Strike
- Defending Spells: Heal, Heal II, Shield, Shield II, Mana, Mana II and Fear
- Melee Attack: Magical Dagger and Sword
- Monsters: Bat, Rat, Spider, Skeleton, Cyclop, Wizard and Dragon
- Special fields: Teleports, Vendors, Mana Boosts, Health Boosts

How to Play Journey of Fortune: Dragon's Fire

You start by tapping on one of four colored shields; up to four players can play. You then must spin a one to start your adventure. Once you have a one, you spin again to see how many spaces you can move.

If you look at the screen shots, you will see enemies off to the side of the screen. If you Land on those areas, you go into battle mode which is surprisingly well done. You select how much Mana you want to use and then spin the wheel. There are various attacks, healing, shields, etc. that you can land on. If you land on a weapon or spell, you attack the enemy. The enemies name and stats are located at the bottom and are updated with each roll via a digital read out. Your stats are located at the top. If two players land on the same spot they battle it out the same way. When you die, you go back to start and must roll a one to continue. Your stats are saved. If you beat the enemy, you continue on. The enemies hit points ect are displayed, so you will know where you stand.

You are referred to throughout the game by your color, so it is easy to know when it is hour turn. The wheel is easy to spin with a simple left to right swipe.

On the board, there are HP and Mana upgrades if you land on them. There is also a vendor space and if you land on that you auto buy a bunch of upgrades.

When fighting an enemy, one of the stats shows how many spins you have until you are attacked. If you land on shield or fear, this may add to the enemies wait, giving you more time to beat it. A bat may give you five spins where the dragon may give you one. The amount of Mana you bet correlates to how much damage you will inflict. Also what attack you land on will come into effect. You earn gold by landing on it or by beating enemies. There is a stat bar that tells you what you have won. If you run out of Mana, you get to spin for more but you may not land on any. If you beat an enemy, your HP and Mana refill.

iPhone Screenshots

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Journey of Fortune: Dragon's Fire for iPhone screenshot 1 Journey of Fortune: Dragon's Fire for iPhone screenshot 2 Journey of Fortune: Dragon's Fire for iPhone screenshot 3

App Changes

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