What's New

- Implemented an autosave feature. Game will automatically save when entering a new map area.
- A flashing save notification appears in the top left of the screen during autosave.
- Added a button to the character portraits in the info menu as a hint that clicking the portrait will open the equip/spell menus for that character
- Fixed the problem where it was difficult to activate a NPC dialog sometimes
- Added the iPod MediaPicker so a player can play their own music
- Added an options menu for toggling autosave and for playing game sound/ipod sound

App Description

Critically acclaimed winner of the Pop Vox award for best mobile game is finally here.


If you are fan of old school RPG this is an outstanding game. The turn based gameplay is top notch and truly is the best RPG in the App Store Appadvice

...I found the gameplay to be smooth and easy to figure out. The graphics are good and the replay value was excellent. Appchatter

It gives some good nostalgia to those RPG fans looking for old school experience and I highly recommend it to those people. Mobiletechreview

Zelda meets Final Fantasy in this massive RPG Mobilegamefaqs

All in all a good game, with a lot to offer especially if you want to dedicate it a lot of time Mobilegamereview

Step into the shoes of a young knight who was unjustly exiled from his kingdom and is seeking redemption. Accompanied by a charismatic spellcaster, travel the world exploring vast new worlds inhabited by mystical creatures. Set out on a heroic adventure to uncover terrifying secrets and vanquish the evil forces plaguing the land!


 Classic Console RPG design
 Massive World Maps
 Captivating Story
 Countless Spells, Weapons, Armour and Accessories
 Random Dungeon Maps
 Stunning Characters and Scenery
 Over 20 hours of Gameplay

What is in new update (1.1):

 auto save
 better collision detection when talking to people
 option to play iTunes music
 more balanced difficulty
 re-designed menu system

iPhone Screenshots

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Elven Chronicles screenshot 1 Elven Chronicles screenshot 2 Elven Chronicles screenshot 3 Elven Chronicles screenshot 4 Elven Chronicles screenshot 5

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