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- Background sound
- Explosion effect
- Submit score only when game is over

App Description

Absolute Space Poker – feelings of classic arcade action and Texas Hold’em in a single game.

In the game, your challenge is to shoot cards down appearing in space above you, and your target should be to make the highest possible poker hand. Space Poker is a fantastic game for lovers of the popular Texas Hold’em. Be careful as shooting a wrong card or crashing the plane will destroy the possibility of obtaining the best hand.

The game offers 30 game levels. You start on level one and need to get the level’s required points to pass it and go to the next level. But remember, the remaining points of a level will help you to achieve the goal in the next level where cards will be arriving more rapidly.

As far as the rules go, the point of the game is to try to shoot down the best hand. Royal Flush being the best can you can get, just like in Texas Hold’em. So you will be trying to move your spaceship left and right to shoot down the cards to make a good hand in order to get as many points as possible.

Scoring System:
Ace High - 100
Pair - 200
2 Pair - 400
3 of a Kind - 600
Straight - 800
Flush - 1200
Full House - 1600
4 of a Kind - 2200
Straight Flush - 3500
Royal Flush - 5000

To get past each level you would need:
Level 1 - 100
Level 2 - 200
Level 3 - 500
Level 4 - 800
Level 5 - 1200
Level 6 - 1800
Level 7 - 2200
Level 8 - 2800
Level 9 - 3500
Level 10 – 5000
Level 11 to 30 – 1200 for each level

iPhone Screenshots

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Absolute Space Poker screenshot 1 Absolute Space Poker screenshot 2 Absolute Space Poker screenshot 3 Absolute Space Poker screenshot 4

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