What's New

-Classic strike-through graphics added when a successful match is made
-Button added to invite friends to play this game. Removed the unnecessary "Quit" button
-Optimized for iPhone OS 3.0

App Description

iTicTacToe is a classic game app which brings the same feel of the popular two player pencil-and-paper game called Tic-tac-toe into your iPhone or iPod touch. Many of you also call this as Noughts and Crosses, Hugs and Kisses.

In the main game screen there is a 3X3 grid. You will play against the computer. Each of your touches on one of the blank spaces will generate one “x” and the computer will generate one “o” against that. To win the game you will need to successfully place three respective symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row.

--There are two difficulty levels: Easy & Hard.
--Nice graphics to bring the same taste as the real Tic Tac Toe.
--User friendly.
--You can make your leisure time more enjoyable with this fantastic game.
--Totally free

The default difficulty level is set to easy. If you like, you can also change the mode and try the harder one.

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iPhone Screenshots

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