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Our game is inspired by the wildlife of Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve in South Africa. Often there unfolds life-and-death drama between herd of buffaloes and pride of lions. Sometimes the lions hunt the buffaloes. On the other hand, the buffaloes also have the capability to defend and sometimes win.

In this game you will help the buffaloes take the fight to the lion by controlling a herd of 7. To win you need to trap the lion in a corner so that it can't make a move or jump over a buffalo and eliminate it. In the process, you also need to be careful not to get trapped yourself - especially be careful of the very first step you take! Also, you need at least 4 buffaloes on the board to keep playing the game with a chance to trap the lion.

Many of you who have played the checkers which is called English draughts or simply draughts in the United Kingdom or American checkers or straight checkers, may find this game bit similar in nature.

So take the challenge and fight for the buffaloes!!!

-Nice graphics
-Challenging gameplay

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Battle at Kruger screenshot 1 Battle at Kruger screenshot 2 Battle at Kruger screenshot 3

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