What's New

- Fixed bug which allowed to cheat by droping dominos right over the last domino before time was up
- Place bottom side of domino at touched position (instead of middle)

App Description

Domino Fall Lite was in the top 10 paid in various countries!
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Arrange Dominos in such a way that once the first is pushed the chain reaction will knock all your dominos down to the very last one.

DominoFall uses a state of the art physics engine, so every domino and every obstacle behave physically correct. This means that you have to keep attention where you place your dominos, because if you put them to high or on a leaning ground it may immediately fall down.

Each level has different obstacles like lanes, slops, rotators, etc. which you have to workaround or use to make your way from the first to the last domino. For each level you have to place your dominos before the times over. Once the countdown reaches zero the first domino gets knocked and if you positioned your dominos correctly the chain reaction must knock the last domino in order to win the level.

Level size can be as big as up to four screens in width and the iPhone accelerator is used to scroll through the level.

This game makes rather addicted, as its just cool to watch the chain reaction from the very first to the very last domino in hope that every domino was put correctly.

- 15 Levels
- New levels every month for free
- Physic engine used for physical correct domino behaviour when placing them and for the entire chain reaction
- Particle systems used for snow, rain as seen in various levels
- Uses iPhone acceleration sensors
- Resumes last level when you quit the game
- Nice sound effects

TIP: Place your dominos right above the ground or obstacle. If you place them too high they will immediately fall (like in real life :) )

iPhone Screenshots

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DominoFall screenshot 1 DominoFall screenshot 2 DominoFall screenshot 3 DominoFall screenshot 4

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