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Bug Fix from last update, GPS code much faster and reliable.

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Website URL: www.helplocatephone.com

There are so many applications out there that help you look for your iPhone in case it gets stolen, but none like this one!
The iPhone is much more than a telephone for its owner. It was a big investment and it now contains lots of personal information that can be very sensitive. That is why it is very important to know where your iPhone is in case it gets or stolen!
We do not use the e-mail method since those emails where getting lost im the spam folder.
This simple yet very helpful application works with your iPhone’s UDID number. Each iPhone or iPod Touch has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. It’s like a serial number but much harder to guess. Our website has a link that will help you to locate your UDID.
In case your iPhone is stolen, the thief will most likely start looking through your applications, and he will run into a red lettered “Private” one which he will think has sensitive information. When the application gets loaded it shows a message that “The personal records were unavailable, but please try again later”. This way the thief will try again several times to get your personal sensitive information. As soon as that application icon gets activated it sends the current location information to our website: www.helplocatephone.com.

In order to locate your device you only need to go to the website and enter your UDID number. There it will automatically tell you the time and AREA where the application was loaded. As easy as that! If you are going to public places or fear your might be at risk, you should load the application beforehand so that it does not ask your permission to the user to locate phone. You may want to do this often so that the application rums smoothly without leaving room for doubt. The phone locator website gets updated constantly, so you will be able to track your phone down.
Ideally you should place this application where the thief will be able to see it immediately and think of it as an authentic sensitive application (Look at our preview image for ideas).
As with most locating devices impediments such as high walls, elevators, fog or other out of reach conditions may affect locating the device with a 100% accuracy, normally you can pin-point the area (around 100-1000 fts).
The report will include a TEXT file with links to google maps, date and time.

We wish you never actually need to use this application! We hope this and our other applications help simplify your life with your iPhone. We are constantly working on new updates and applications. Please share with us any ideas, comments or suggestions you may have!

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