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PicZee™ is a whole new way to play unlimited puzzles with your favorite photos in your iPhone or iPod albums. You can create jigsaw puzzles with photos on the fly. Gather everyone in your party and have fun snapping each person's funny poses from within PicZee in iPhone and have them solve their pictures to see how they compete in PicZee hall of fame. This is a riot in parties!

Unlike other puzzles out there, PicZee's new way of playing makes it no longer a struggle to manage heaps of puzzle pieces. With PicZee, all puzzle pieces are squares or rectangles and you view all pieces at once, swapping positions as you drag-n-drop.

PicZee features intuitive-smart-play. All game settings are totally flexible and interchangeable as you like. Shake to shuffle the picture tiles at any time. Stuck at a tile in suspense? Double tap it to see where it should go. Need help sorting out a complex 64 piece game? Try full hint to let PicZee solve from where you are and bring you back. All hints show moves with cool animation. PicZee's smart tracking and fun messages alert or entertain you throughout the game as you race against scores in dashboard. For around the price of a coffee latte, get entertained playing with your photos forever!

Key Features:
> Unlimited puzzles from your iPhone or iPod Albums or any of the seven cool pictures that come with PicZee.

> Camera from within PicZee in the iPhone to take a picture and play with it instantly.

> All original pictures safe as PicZee only makes copy of photos selected for the game.

> Animate-shuffle your picture tiles at any time during the game to restart with the touch of a button or simply shake to shuffle. Have fun viewing your pal's face in so many shuffled picture tiles! :).

> Change game complexity at any time by choosing from 2 to 64 pieces using flexible rows and columns of your choice.

> Single piece to full solution hint all with cool animation.

> Very easy to use Touch interface to move around picture tiles super fast.

> Separate sound for right versus wrong move, random fun sounds for start and end of each game session.

> Intuitive interface tracks and updates game progress and score at all times as well as allows you to shift gears at any time as you race to finish.

> PicZee smart scoring is unique in helping you race in a board game! It is a live time ticker combined with board complexity that makes it even more fun.

> Separate info menu view for full onscreen help, Hall of Fame and more.

> Love the jumbled picture tile patterns you see while playing PicZee? Use the save button to save game view to your album.

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PicZee Pro - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle screenshot 1 PicZee Pro - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle screenshot 2 PicZee Pro - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle screenshot 3 PicZee Pro - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle screenshot 4 PicZee Pro - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle screenshot 5

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