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How many times have you ended up frustrated during a game of Solitaire because you can’t make any more moves? Why even bother playing a game of Solitaire if there is no chance to win? Why bother playing any game if there is no possibility of winning?

Thank goodness there is All Winners Solitaire, where every game you are dealt is a game you can win! Here, there are no games you are dealt that cannot be won. However, this does not mean you are guaranteed to win every game. Every game has the possibility of being beaten, but you have to make the right moves in order to beat it. While some of the deals you receive are straightforward, other deals may not be so easy.

If you do end up stuck and cannot do anything else, you can ask All Winners Solitaire to show you a solution to the game. This “show me how to win” button will then show you the right moves needed to allow you to win. You can also control the speed at which the cards move.

The solution that All Winners Solitaire shows you is a solution to the standard Klondike Solitaire Deal 3 game which will also work as a solution to a Klondike Solitaire Deal 1 game. Though All Winners Solitaire gives you one way to beat the game, there may also be other ways to win.

For a bigger challenge, there is an option where you can have the game deal 3 cards at a time. There is also an unlimited undo function, so you can correct any mistakes you inadvertently make.

So never worry again about playing Solitaire games you can’t win, because with All Winners Solitaire, everybody can be a winner!!

Features include:

Drag and Drop cards, Portrait Mode, Landscape mode, Right and Left handed Support, a “show me how to win” function, Game state saved when interrupted, No interference with iPod audio

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What Our Customers are Saying:

- “All-Winners Solitaire is exactly what I want; every game has a solution”
- “Being able to win every hand is very appealing and a challenge”
- “I especially like that there are unlimited undos”
- “very well done, it is also very nice knowing each game CAN be won”

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