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Playapod 2.1 adds new discovery views including featured news feeds, popular audio and video podcasts, and ability to browse podcasts by category in addition to several other new features, tweaks, and fixes. Check out the Playapod blog for more details: https://blog.playapod.com/

Playapod 2 added tons of great features such as the Always-On Now Playing Media Bar, News & Blog Subscriptions w/ Text-To-Speech, Video Playback, Custom Groups, and much more! Version 2.0.3 adds swiping up/down support on the media bar and fixes all known bugs since v2 launched including lockscreen controls, media artwork setting, additional rss date formats, playlist drag/drop improvements, and other minor issues. Playapod 2 Feature List:

Now Playing Media Bar – Quickly access whatever is currently playing by tapping on the media bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s always on with quick access to play/pause. Tap the bar to bring up the full media player view.

News & Blogs – Add news and blog feeds into Playapod 2 which will be played using text-to-speech. Playapod 2 turns text-based feeds into podcasts allowing for progress bar access, current position, history, and bookmarking. We think this is a pretty unique feature!

Video Playback – Video playback is now supported. Tapping on the video will toggle full-screen video. Media title, description, and date are now displayed with improved landscape layout.

Content Details – Scrolling list of media items displays the description in addition to name, flags, date, size, and duration. Length of description can be configured in settings globally or per subscription. Works across Audio, Video, and Text feeds.

Recommendations – We’ve created a recommendation engine that lets you pick a subscription to get back personal recommendations of other shows that are similar. It’s a little bit experimental but seems to be working pretty good. The recommendation engine will continue to get better over time as more and more users use it.

Custom Groups & Filters – Filter content by Subscription (Favorites, Category), Media Flags (New, Listened, Downloaded, Bookmarked, Favorited), Media Type (Audio, Video, Text), and Order (Ascending, Descending). Save filters into Groups for quicker access. For example, you can create a filter for the “New” Media in the “News & Politics” Category and then save it as a group called “New News.”

Now Playing Queue – Playapod 2 will set an active queue for whatever content you start playback on. That active queue could be your playlist or it could be another list. For example, tapping on an individual show in your subscriptions and starting playback will continue playback for only that show. Tapping on ‘Now Playing’ from the menu opens up the active queue. Car Play will display whatever is in your Now Playing Queue.

External Media Files – Add media files such as audio, video, and text files for playback. For example, you can open iTunes and drag home videos and a text file of jokes into iTunes File Sharing and Playapod 2 will create a new group “Media Files” that allow for playback of your video and the reading of your jokes!

Quick Sort – Any list can be sorted by ascending or descending time including your active queue and your playlist.

Updated Feed Parser – Playapod 1 supported RSS 2.0 Media Feeds. Playapod 2 adds RSS 1.0 (RDF) and Atom Feeds that contain audio, video, and text. You can subscribe to anything! The Playapod 2 Feed Parser is very flexible and does it’s best to pull in the content along with the best photo possible. We’ve tested it with major News organizations, WordPress blogs, Reddit channels, and lots of other syndicated feeds.

High Performance - Completely redesigned the refreshing of subscriptions for faster performance while removing duplicate content.

Visit https://blog.playapod.com for additional information about Playapod 2.

App Description

Playapod is the best way to listen to your favorite podcasts and features cross-platform device syncing, episode tracking down to the second, remote media controls, offline listening, new episode notifications, bulk imports, fast performance, no ads, and more!

• Multi-Device Sync
Sync all your podcast subscriptions and episode progress between multiple devices and across all platforms! Just sign-in with your favorite social network or with e-mail.

• Episode Tracking
Tracks exactly the portions of episodes that you have listened down to the second. You'll never forget where you left off or what you skipped over!

• Bookmarking
Bookmark your favorite parts of any episode so you can quickly go back and listen again. Bookmarks are time-coded and synced across all your devices.

• Video Playback (NEW v2 Feature)
Video playback supported. Tapping on the video will toggle full-screen mode.

• Text to Speech (NEW v2 Feature)
Turn any text-based feed into an audio podcast with full progress bar support including scrubbing and bookmarking. Great for keeping up with the latest news and blogs.

• Media Bar (NEW v2 Feature)
Quickly access whatever is currently playing by tapping on the media bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s always on with quick access to play/pause. Tap the bar to bring up the full media player view.

• Recommendations (NEW v2 Feature)
Our recommendation engine will suggest new subscriptions you might enjoy.

• Groups & Filters (NEW v2 Feature)
Filter content by favorites, category, media flags, content type, and time. Save filters into Groups for quick one-touch access.

• Media Files (NEW v2 Feature)
Add media files such as audio, video, and text files to Playapod using iTunes File Sharing for local playback.

• Car Play
Driving with your iPhone puts your Playapod Now Playing queue right on your car's built-in display.

• Custom Playlist
Create a custom playlist of your podcast episodes. Drag and drop reordering makes it easy to listen to your favorite shows all day without device interaction.

• Media Controls
Toggle playback and skip forward and backwards quickly using lockscreen and bluetooth controls.

• Listen Offline
Download entire podcasts and listen on the go without a network connection or cellular data charges.

• Free & No Ads
Free download with no advertising! There are no bulky 3rd party ad networks that are known to kill battery life, slow performance, and consume network bandwidth.

• Push Notifications
Get new episode notifications so you stay on top of your favorite shows. Toggle notifications in the app settings.

• Import Podcasts
Quickly bulk import a list of podcasts with OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language XML Files).

• Advanced Configuration
Lots of settings to customize and tweak the behavior of the Playapod app. Custom settings available for each subscription too!

• Customer Support
Our developers listen to your feedback and quickly fix all reported issues. Join our Facebook Page and start a discussion!




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App Changes

  • June 16, 2019 Initial release
  • September 11, 2019 New version 2.1
  • September 28, 2019 New version 2.1.3