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Master the professional web development techniques using React and Redux

As of 2016 React Web Developers Were Some of the Top Paid IT Professionals.

React JS is an open-source javascript library that works as the V in the Model-View-Controller, allowing the system to render components that has additional components written as custom HTML tags. It allows incorporating HTML tags to make the developer's coding more flexible. Using a javascript syntax extension, known as JSX, the coding is more readable and easier to write.

Redux is slightly different. Although, inspired from Facebook's Flux technology, it is not at all the same. Instead, Redux is a predictable state container for javascript apps. It allows the developer to write apps regardless of the environment, resulting in more consistently running apps. It works by storing the whole app in an object tree inside a single store. In order for a change to be made, an action is emitted, which does not result in the state of the app to be changed but rather a new object to be returned. The developer writes a reducer, a special function, which determines how an action will modify the state of the entire application. This made the app easier to run and even test.

Do you want to learn how you can create apps that are fast and furious? Well, then here's your chance. This amazing complete course is the perfect place for you to not only become acquainted with these brilliant technologies, but also master them.

Breakdown React and Redux and learn them from scratch. This course includes everything you need to know about React and Redux. The course answers questions such as what is React and its basic features such as components, state, properties and lifecycle; what is Redux and its basic features such as state, store and reducers; and even how to combine them together to create a brilliant app.

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