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Scanner Pro Optimizes Its iPad Experience

Posted by Kevin Stout on April 18th, 2012

A little over two years ago, Jason Fanguy wrote up a review of Scanner Pro, a portable scanner app by Readdle (also known for other popular file management and productivity apps like Printer Pro and ReaddleDocs).

Many updates ago, when Scanner Pro was on version 1.2.5, Jason described the app as “best in class,” the interface as “refreshingly clean,” and was amazed by the clarity of the text-heavy documents he scanned. Now, many updates later, Readdle has released the 4.0 version of powerful Scanner Pro. This update focused on making Scanner Pro the best scanner app for the iPad.

Since the new iPad boasts such a powerful camera, it’s become the ideal device for an app like Scanner Pro. It’s now a universal app. But the iPad version isn’t just a scaled up version with better graphics. The app has been completely redesigned with the iPad in mind. Other important new features include faster image processing, folders to organize scans, and a search by name or date option.

Three major updates later, Scanner Pro is the same price ($6.99) as it was when Jason reviewed it two years ago.

Connect by Quickoffice Synchronizes All Documents and Devices to the Cloud

Posted by Carter Dotson on April 17th, 2012

Quickoffice has a new app available, one that promises that no document will wind up lost on one device, or in the wrong cloud storage service.

Connect by Quickoffice is designed to let users access their data from anywhere, with automatic file synchronization. Connect comes a free-to-download native app for iOS and Android, with PC and Mac clients, and a web portal available from any web browser. Connect supports a dozen cloud services at launch, including but not limited to Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Basecamp, and Microsoft SkyDrive. Files can be accessed from any device synchronized with the service, with remote access available to these devices as well. Files can be shared to social networks, and there is peer collaboration available through a commenting system. Importantly, all files created and edited through the service will retain their support with Microsoft Office formats.

Connect by Quickoffice comes in three tiers of service. Basic lets users view documents, access cloud files, have five shared folders, sync two devices, and sync up to 5,000 files for free. Premium adds document editing, an aggregated search, unlimited shared folders, 4 device synchronization, remote access, and 125,000 synced files, for $44.99 per year, with a $19.99 per year sale price at launch. Professional will add six devices for synchronization, file versioning, and 250,000 file sync capacity. That's a lot of files! The app is available now.

TouchDocs Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Kevin Stout on February 15th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: NICE INTERFACE
TouchDocs adds a cleaner interface to the Google Docs experience on iOS, but not much more.
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Inspiration Set for iPad

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Kevin Stout on May 4th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: CREATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL
Inspiration Set is a companion app to Pages that adds more templates to the few that come with Pages.
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QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad Released

Posted by Jeff Scott on June 11th, 2010
iPad App - Designed for iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: A SWEET SUITE :: Read Review »

While Apple was undoubtedly first with their top quality office productivity apps for the iPad, I hear they had an inside advantage, Documents To Go and QuickOffice haven't been but a couple months behind.

Documents To Go was updated recently to a universal version -- meaning it's optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. So if you had the iPhone version, you would get the iPad version for free. QuickOffice decided to take a different route. But, what they've added may make it worthwhile.

Released just earlier tonight, QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad has all of the features of the iPhone version, but rather than just expand all of the on screen controls to allow the app to fill the screen, QuickOffice have made redesigned it somewhat to take advantage of the iPad with newly redesigned controls.

QuickOffice have made it clear that they are not done innovating and adding new features to this app. And I look forward to see where it goes. QuickOffice for the iPad is available now at an introductory price of $9.99.

[itmsscreens: 376212724]

Readdle Docs

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Bonnie Eisenman on March 9th, 2010
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: PHENOMENAL
Readdle Docs is a brilliant file viewer and document manager. It's a very mature app with some impressive capabilities, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
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Scanner Pro

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Jason Fanguy on March 5th, 2010
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: BEST IN CLASS
Scanner Pro does exactly what it says; and well. It performed better than any other scanner app I’ve tested so far, thus earning my personal BEST IN CLASS award.
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