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In development game, Dragons vs. Unicorns, announced a single player mode to its soon-to-be-released game.

Single player gameplay in Dragons vs. Unicorns consists of protecting unicorn eggs in their nests while waves of various Dragon Minions come in successful levels to destroy them. The player earns points for hatching more unicorns and earns gold for killing the minions. Golden eggs occasionally appear that hatch the special Golden Unicornling. Protecting bunnies is also a priority. The bunnies come from the opposite side of the screen to incubate the unicorn eggs. Hedgehogs, which apparently have a magical pact with the unicorns, can be used to throw boomerang-style into the minions to cause maximum destruction. Check out the labeled picture in the gallery for a more detailed account of gameplay.

Digital Harmony Games already has one game on the App Store, Chin Up. Dragons vs. Unicorns is projected to be released with both single and VS modes, player data options, and social connectivity. To keep up with development of Dragons vs. Unicorns, keep an eye on the Digital Harmony Games blog here.

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