Every Friday here at 148Apps we like to do one thing. And that one thing is make sure that you've got a really good idea of what you're going to be playing come this time next week. That's right, it's time for us to round-up the best games that are set to hit the App Store in the next seven days.

We've included links so you can preorder the games from App Store, which means you won't even have to worry about remembering these games exist, since your phone will remind you when they're live on the App Store. That's pretty cool, right?

If you know any other games that are coming out next week, then feel free to share them in the comments. That way we'll all be able to get excited about them together, which is pretty awesome. Right then, on with the games.

Hooky Crook - preorder for iOS

Hooky Crook preorder screenshot

Do you want to be a cat burglar? And when we say a cat burglar, we do mean a literal cat burglar. This is a one-touch arcade game that sees you swinging through levels with a hook. Hence hooky crook. This looks like the sort of game that can easily eat up all those tiny gaming sessions that mobile is best at.

Bacon - The Game - preorder for iOS

Philipp Stollenmayer makes some amazing games. And also some weird as all hell games. And sometimes a mix of the two. This one fits into the second category, and hopefully it's going to fit snugly into the first as well. It's all about putting bacon on everything. We do mean everything as well - the moon, the statue of liberty, and various piles of different meat. It's certainly looking like it's going to be an odd week.

Hovercraft: Battle Arena - preorder for iOS

This one's all about getting into massive hovercraft fights. It's also about building up your own machines with the parts you win. But you're not playing on your own, you're playing in 3v3 battles, weaving and blasting your way through a series of awesome looking arenas shooting up everything in your slick, customized hovercraft.

Pixel Heaven: Maze Maker - preorder for iOS

An intriguing mix between a puzzler and an artistic experiment, this one sees you following a trail on the screen, which in turn creates incredible looking pixel art. There are different characters to unlock, who have different skills that are going to prove more useful the deeper you get into the experience.

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