If you were to look up generosity in the dictionary, I am pretty sure you might find an icon for the game Pocket God next to the definition.  Simply put, this is the franchise that just keeps on giving, and for completely free.  Their most recent release of the game Pocket God: Journey to Uranus is no exception to the rule either, as it was announced yesterday that another cost absent update has just been made available.

Entitled “Planet of the Living Dead,” the game is delving into a world that gamers have become ever so familiar with: zombies.  Not only do the brain gobblers make their first appearance, but now you will also be able to arm your pygmies, in order to fight off the mindless hordes.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if this is the type of update that could coax a purchase out your stingy wallet.

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Released: 2010-12-16 :: Category: Games

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