Lorystripes, a photography striping utility that we had an opportunity to review late last year, has received a sizable update. The update includes three new packs with 30 new striping possibilities, new messaging and export options, and more.

According to creator Laurent Rosset, “LoryStripes set the bar high from the very beginning with regard to both technology and artistic appeal. We’re continuing that tradition with LoryStripes 1.2, propelling photo editing and enhancement into a new era of possibility. The graphic striping and ribbon components are stunning.”

Lorystripes is available for $1.99.

• Three all new packs containing 30 brand new striping possibilities
• Collapsible stripe menu for faster, simpler shape navigation
• User preferred packs remain open for easier access during editing
• Smoother, more refined image edges via higher resolution texture tools
• Faster, more accurate masking for a highly polished finish
• Automatically saves last edits, even after time lapses
• New export and sharing options, including messaging, email, copying and printing

via: Our Review