Telltale Games are back at it again, fellow gumshoes, and they are bringing some of the biggest names in Law & Order history along for the ride.  With two episodes already in the can for the Law & Order franchise, today marks the launch of the third episode in the series: Killer Smart.  Here is the rundown of the case:

In Episode 3: Killer Smart an investigation of bodies dumped along a lonely stretch of road in Long Island is underway.  The killers are revealed to be an intelligent sociopath and a dim-witted thug, who bizarrely decide to represent themselves in court.  The sociopath attempts to manipulate his partner’s weakness to turn the case against him.  But the partner is fiercely loyal. The player must now decide how to wedge them apart—or convict them both.

Can the detectives crack the case, or is this another file that will go cold?  The only way to find out is to download this latest $2.99 installment or buy the entire six episode season for $12.99.  No matter how you cut it, this is a deal that you shouldn’t let slip through the cracks.

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