iPad Game Preview: Zen Bound 2

Posted by Jeff Scott on March 30th, 2010

Zen Bound from Secret Exit on the iPhone was the most beautiful mobile game we've ever seen. So I'm just going to go ahead and call this -- Zen Bound 2 is the most beautiful iPad game available. Definitely the most beautiful we'll see at launch. Possibly the most beautiful we'll ever see.

While the game itself is more than peculiar, it's a wonderful puzzle game. As a matter of fact it's amazingly fun. The goal is to cover a 3D piece of some kind with a rope that has been soaked in paint. When the rope touches the piece, it spreads paint to the object. Cover the object in paint before the rope runs out. Inventive, amazing, and eye-poppingly beautiful.

We got a chance to see a near final build at GDC this year, running in the simulator. It's the same gameplay we know and love from Zen Bound, but there's more to love. Not only are there nearly nine times the beautiful pixels of this game, there are some new game play mechanics to enjoy. All in all, Zen Bound will be the app to show-off the iPad. Luscious textures, amazing lighting effects, and gorgeous colors.

Take a look at this example screen shot and more after the jump. Amazing!


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