While the world waits for RedLynx to make a mobile version of their most popular game on consoles, Trials HD, they had a new iOS title to show off: MotoHeroz. Based off of the popular WiiWare game, we got our hands on the game at Ubisoft’s San Francisco headquarters. Playing like a more involved 1000 Heroz, the goal is to get to the end of levels fraught with crazy loops, obstacles, and that familiar nemesis: bottomless pits. The game is laid out with a more traditional level system than 1000 Heroz’s daily races, where there are 6 worlds with levels to try and get three-star ratings in. There are also hidden treasure chests that involve creative driving to collect.

MotoHeroz boasts a more robust ghost system. There are ghosts for not just the next star rating to pursue, but also for the best ghost time for friends, though this was not working when we tested it out. RedLynx’s Pekka Kupiainen claims that the game will sync up the ghosts from both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game.MotoHeroz will release worldwide on the 15th, and will be available for iPhone and iPad.

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