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Rather popular snowboarding game, Snowboard Hero, has had its first update and it’s a bit of a big one.

The main new additions come in the form of two new characters, Monica and Kurt, as well as two new tracks in the form of Death Ridge and Ice God’s realm. There’s also the inclusion of 24 extra events and 12 new achievements to boot too!

Smaller bonuses come in the form of new and unique ‘Uberboards’ for each character which sets all stats such as speed, agility, boost and jump to the maximum number. Players can also purchase more credits via an in-app purchase so as to buy new equipment and more tricks within the item shop.

It’s a pretty impressive first update for a game that was already respectable enough to gain 3.5 stars from us when Phillip reviewed it in April.

The update is available now for all existing owners, otherwise Snowboard Hero is priced at $4.99.

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Released: 2011-03-30 :: Category: Games

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