Bearded Man Studios, the three-person development house, has announced the upcoming release of its second iOS game, named Warp 5 Overdrive.

According to Lead Artist and Co-founder Andrew Briare, the game is "a super hard endless runner type game with nods to 80s arcade shooters that takes place in a contained 3D environment. A player controls an auto-firing ship (made of cubes) that rotates around a cylinder all while dodging various obstacles and enemies in a one hit kill environment."

"The goal of the game is to travel as many lightyears as possible," Briare goes on to say, "After a player’s ship is destroyed, a global leaderboard is shown that tracks the top “voyagers” of Warp 5 Overdrive and the player’s overall rank. Players can use the default ship or create their own ship with our Ship Creator."

Warp 5 Overdrive is due on the App Store March 18.

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