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Baby’s Musical Hands Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on July 18th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Baby’s Musical Hands is a very nice and colorful interactive app for the youngest family members. The iPad screen is filled with 15 brightly colorful squares which nicely take up the entire screen.

An individual row of red, yellow, and blue pieces are included, each containing five sections to tap on per row, nicely arranged from palest to most vivid. Touch red areas to hear drum sounds, whereas yellow pieces play piano and blue squares play guitar notes. Although the red percussion sections sound more random, it is a simple 5 piece scale that can be played in the piano and guitar sections.

It is nice that colorful stars explode from where this app is being tapped, creating even more excitement, as well as cause and effects for the players to explore. Being a soon- to-be pre-schooler, my son is older than the target audience but still really enjoys tapping about on the iPad’s large screen, listening to sounds and seeing the stars move and colorful sections light up and brighten further when tapped, even enjoying this app with his toes under very strict supervision.

My son has had his fair share of toys that lit up and played music or sounds when specific buttons were touched. Many of these toys, as I remember, were cumbersome in size and we were happy for my son to outgrow these play pianos and such due to the space they took up. Parents will enjoy keeping the app on their iPad instead, not to fully replace activity centers with lots to press, but certainly worth having as the ultimate distraction for babies, especially when traveling or where space is an issue. I would never like to see an app like this used instead of exploring a actual toy up close, but this is a great supplemental choice kids will really enjoy.

It is easy to look at this app as a simple baby and toddler app and nothing more, but there is a level of quality that makes this app stand out from the sea of other apps that perform the same way.

I admire the fact that one can run their finger anywhere over the screen to activate sections with a drag much like one may do over piano keys and that multiple sections pieces can be touched at once, making this a great activity for many fingers or toes to play with, even that of multiple children. These may be subtle issues to some, but greatly increase the play value of an app such as this.

My son and I were impressed when we realized that all of our hands and fingers can work together, a very nice touch not seen in many apps that only respond to a single tap at a time. This app looks and sounds better than many of its counterparts, and something that I appreciate.

Baby’s Musical Hands is a great choice to increase the understanding of cause and effect in the youngest app users, and older family members will have a lot of fun tapping along their side. Nicely conceived and executed, this is an app worth having and would make an excellent baby's first app.

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