Daily Double: MiniSquadron (!!), Payload for Free

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on December 20th, 2009

As usual, we have more than one free game on offer from the Appvent Calender. Though it's almost the end of our countdown to Christmas, the sales are still going strong, and it's clear that the calender has been a smashing success—and hopefully an event to be repeated next year!

Today's main offer is the absolutely fantastic MiniSquadron. I gave this 2D aerial shooter a 4.5/5 just a few weeks ago, and you'd be crazy not to snag this little beauty. Here's the intro paragraph to my review:

"MiniSquadron is fluid, smooth, and above all, a fantastic plane-based shooter. The art is great, I love the classical music, and the combat is so much fun. That’s something coming from a girl who’s rarely delved into the 2D shooter genre. Even after I’d played with MiniSquadron enough to write a decent review, I kept coming back to it. There’s something sweet and addicting about this game, and it has personality to spare. “Polish” doesn’t begin to describe it."

With dozens of planes to unlock, superb controls, and high replay value, MiniSquadron was a steal back at its $2.99 asking price. Developer MrFungFung (yes, that's the real name) has created a perfectly balanced app that should delight both newbies and genre veterans. Read our full review if you must, but for today, why don't you just grab the free download?

The Appvent Calender's second free game today is Payload. In this cartoony truck-driving game, you drive "Buck and his truck" across different landscapes, you have to collect falling items in order to earn points. Miss too many items or get crushed by one (i.e., a two-ton boulder) and it's game over; catch lots of items and complete a level to get paid. It's simple, cutesy, and far from complex, but it looks like it could be fun regardless. If you're looking for something simple, give this one a try while it's free!

Once again, remember that there are many developer-wide sales going on today in addition to the Appvent Calender! EA Games' ten-game sale, Chillingo's Wild $0.99 Sale, and Gameloft's Countdown to Christmas Sale are all still active.