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Make Some Beautiful Music With Borderlands Granular's 2.0 Update

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 9th, 2015
iPad App - Designed for iPad
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The innovative musical app, Borderlands Granularby Chris Carlson, lets you explore music by using granular synthesis - a technique where you superimpose small fragments of sound, or grains, to build compositions. The app has recieved a new update that includes a lot of new features.

Now musicians get real-time audio input recording and granulation as well as resonant filters for each grain cloud. You can also save and load Scenes, which keep track of your clouds, sounds, and automation as presets.

Borderlands Granular is available for $9.99.

148Apps' Best Apps of 2012: 30-21

Posted by Carter Dotson on December 26th, 2012

Another year on the App Store, and another year full of apps that made our life simpler and expanded what our iOS devices could do were released. We're running down on our 30 favorites of the year. Have one that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

30. KitCam: This camera app makes the list simply by doing everything right. It’s got iPhone 5 support. It’s got all the features that should be expected of a camera app. It’s got filters. It’s got photo-altering lenses. It has the ability to upload not just to Twitter and Facebook, but to Dropbox and even FTP as well. David Rabinowitz sums it up: “KitCam is a really comprehensive photo capture and editing app. Any photo junky should consider adding it to his/her collection of photo apps. This is one of the best photo apps out there. Many of the features are not new or innovative, but KitCam packs so much into it that it’s hard not to be impressed.”

29. Track 8: This music player, inspired by the Windows 8 design formerly known as “Metro”, improves on the iOS music player app with its sleek interface. Kevin Stout has good things to say about it: “With the new iPad’s Retina display, this app looks absolutely gorgeous. The text is crystal clear, the album covers look great, and the app fetches artist images from Last.FM for the background of the app when that artist is playing. It’s an incredible visual experience that rivals even the new Spotify interface for the iPad.”

28. Simplife: Daily Journal: Note taking on iPhone should be simple, right? Nothing to get in the way between the note-taker and the note. This app, formerly known as Note.s Daily Journal, declutters the experience, by providing a simple interface along with handy additional features. Angela LaFollette says “Not only can users write down their thoughts, but the app also lets them attach locations and photos to each entry which can be viewed later by scrolling left or right. Just tap on the small paperclip at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to add either a map or picture in just a few seconds. This is a nice feature when pictures can do more justice than words.”

27. Cloud DJ: The internet is full of great music that’s just waiting to be discovered from independent musicians, and this app is designed to let aspiring DJs mix and scratch tracks available for free from SoundCloud. The premise is nifty enough, but Angela LaFollette says the execution is even better: “With an intuitive interface that’s packed with tons of features, it’s safe to say that Cloud DJ is one innovative app well-worth the $1.99 price tag.”

26. The Transit App: While there was a dark time for iPhone owners who also used public transit between when iOS 6 was released with the transit-free Apple Maps and the Google Maps release, third-party apps like this helped lead the way. The Transit App gets merit for not only providing excellent routing, from any address to a location that can be supplied based on the Foursquare API, but also for making it very easy when subscribed to see nearby buses and trains along with their arrival times, and then seeing on the map their exact stopping points. It’s the best public transit routing solution on mobile to date.

25. Seamless for iPad: This app turns the iPad into the world’s best takeout menu. Sure, that folded up mailer may show all the food options for one restaurant, but this app shows the options for hundreds of them, and makes it possible to easily order and pay without calling anyone. This app is downright dangerous, considering how much easier it is than say, actually cooking. And it saves payment information and locations to make future ordering easy. The future is here and it is delicious.

24. Borderlands Granular: Not to be confused with the series of games, this “grain synth” allows uers to make music by editing small fragments of music. Angela LaFollette says “I’ve played around with other grain synths, and this one takes the cake in many areas. It does have a few downsides, but the positives easily outweigh the shortcomings. … For now, Borderlands Granular is easily recommendable for everyone from enthusiasts to musicians thanks to its intuitive, musical and beautiful interface.”

23. 30/30: This timer app serves as a great way to get stuff done. When there’s an external motivator compelling you to get on with what you’re doing, or to serve as a reminder to get up for a bit and do something else, this versatile and sleek app becomes extremely useful. It works easily, making the creation of multiple labeled and color-coded timers a cinch. It's a completely free app as well.

22. At Bat 2012: MLB’s apps continue to be excellent experiences for baseball fans. Checking scores is extremely handy, and the iPad’s expanded and improved Gameday functionality including live Pitch F/x tracking was excellent. Plus, for baseball fans outside their favorite team’s market, the app was a lifesaver, and the Postseason.tv functionality was a great way to get a new look on a game with multiple camera angles to view.

21. CaptureNotes 2: The iPad has dramatically changed education and the way that students take notes, and this is one of the best ways for students, or anyone in need of a note-taking app, to take advantage of it. Angela LaFollette details that “The new features are what really make CaptureNotes 2 shine. The flag elements let users mark important points in the notebook. It’s a clever way to access notes quickly and easily without having to flip through hundreds of pages. … There’s also a new PIN based securing locking system, improved PDF importing, binder sharing and better file organization.”

Borderlands Granular Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Angela LaFollette on October 26th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: GRAINY
Borderlands Granular lets users manipulate small fragments of sounds through gesture interaction.
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