Torture Bunny Review
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Torture Bunny Review

Our Review by Jason Wadsworth on July 11th, 2011
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Ragdoll physics with bunnies: don't call the authorities - this one is heavy on the humor.

Developer: Chillingo
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Version Reviewed: 1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3GS

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It's not too difficult to guess what this game is about from its name. It is, as many have probably already guessed, a game focused on torturing a bunny. Now, before anyone calls PETA, this isn't some animal cruelty simulator. Torture Bunny is a cartoony physics puzzler in which players put a bunny rag doll through a series of challenges centered on dealing the most "torture" possible to the bunny doll.

As disturbing as the premise of this game might sound, it's actually a fun little physics sandbox to play in. The bunny character and the contraptions used to torture it are silly enough that it's clear that the developers weren't going for a real torture simulation here, just an interesting vehicle for a fun physics game.

The game is broken up into 5 different dungeons, each with a number of different levels. Each level begins with the bunny in a cage at the top of a long vertical drop. Players then set up traps and torture devices to catch and harass the bunny once it is dropped out of the cage and falls to the ground. Points are awarded based on how much torture is dealt out to the bunny on its way down. Each dungeon has its own unique set of contraptions which players can use throughout the levels to torture the bunny. These range from giant cigarette lighter flame-throwers, to spiked wheels, to crashing cymbals. To change things up a bit and add some difficulty, at the end of each dungeon there is a "boss level" where the bunny is equipped with armor that must be destroyed before any torture devices can take effect.

The physics in Torture Bunny run well and the inclusion of a function where players can nudge the bunny by tapping the screen renders level-ending snags practically non-existent. The variation of the traps from dungeon to dungeon means that players won't soon get burned out. Setting up traps can get a bit tedious at times, but watching the bunny get flung, squashed, burned, and pummeled in different way is quite entertaining. Cartoon bunny lovers may want to pass on this one, though.

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