The developer of Writings for iPad contacted 148Apps this week to inform us that it will soon be releasing an update for its application.

Of the changes and additions in the update, there is one in particular that the company emphasized. The 1.2 update will bring workspaces to the iPad writing application. The feature will function similarly to Apple's own OS X feature "Spaces," in which you can create separate work spaces to work within. The idea of workspaces in Writings for iPad is nearly identical. You'll be able to create separate workspaces for each category and then assign documents to each category. This enables you to easily organize, work on and view your documents according to category. Furthermore, you'll be able to synchronize each workspace with separate Dropbox folders, carrying over that organization to the "cloud."

Co-developer of Writings of iPad Ludovico Rossi told 148Apps that "other new features will be introduced in the same update" as well, including an easier method of synchronizing the document you're currently writing.

For now, though, check out a video demonstration of workspaces in action below.

Writings for iPad is a comprehensive text editor that allows you to easily write, edit and view your documents in a number of different ways. The app is available for $4.99 on the App Store.

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