"In war, not everyone is a soldier."

This tagline doubles as the driving theme behind 11 Bit Studios' (the folks behind the Anomaly series) upcoming This War of Mine. It's not a strategy game or a shooter, but instead it's a game about survival. Players are in charge of a small group of civilians trapped in a militarized zone that used to be their home. Under the cover of darkness they'll be able to carefully explore the ruins of their city looking for supplies and weapons, while during the day they'll get to use what they find to upgrade their shelter and tend to their survivors.

"While designing a new game, we came across an article that described how one man survived in a besieged city," said lead designer Michal Drozdowski in a press release. "We learned about his hardships and the horror of that experience. We decided to work around this idea and make something real, something that moves people and make them think for a second."

This War of Mine is "coming soon" to mobile devices. A playable demo will also be available at GDC, so keep an eye on 148Apps for our impressions in the coming weeks.

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