I think we might have mentioned a few times that 148Apps is part of a larger network of sites. And one of them, Pocket Gamer, has a section that's dedicated to digital board games. It's called TableTap, and tomorrow at 1pm EST, it's taking to Twitch.

It's not the first time TableTap has dipped its toes into the streaming water, but tomorrow is going to be something special. That's because the stream is dedicated to Catan VR, the perfect blend of classic board game and modern technology.

Catan VR lets you experience the classic settlement-building game in a completely new way. Thanks to the headset you're actually playing on the island of Catan. There's a gentle breeze, some music playing, and much more.

If you want to check out the stream, then this is the link that you're going to need. Before it goes live though, make sure you check out the archived videos of the other TableTap streams on the channel.

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