PUBG Mobile is set to get a new game type called Arctic Mode. This frosty game variant will add some extra survival elements to a game that already has an element of scavenging around desperately for supplies.

On top of the usual hunting for guns, bandages and armour, players will also need to contend with the cold conditions found on Vikendi and maintain their body heat throughout the game. They'll have their own individual meters that will start to drop alongside their temperature and this will eventually lead to them losing health if left untreated.

There will be three different ways to keep your body temperature at the optimum level. The first is to use a lighter to create a fire indoors. This won't last forever though, so you'll need to forage for extra branches to act as fuel to keep the flames burning.

You'll also be able to channel your inner hunter-gather by tracking down and killing chickens for their meat. This will need to be cooked before eating it - health and safety come first - but once you've done that and eaten it, your body temperature will be restored.

The final way to keep your body functioning as intended isn't as interesting as the previous two. You can simply use resources such as the heater and health packs to restore your meter. This mode has the potential to add another strategic layer to PUBG, given that you'll have all the usual issues to contend with alongside your plummeting body temperature. And if you're not into that, just avoid the mode altogether.

Beyond these added survival elements, players will also be able to traverse the snowy landscapes using snowboards from the Winter Festival. They'll also find remote-controlled drones too, allowing them to scout out the area before making any rash decisions.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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