PUBG Mobile's latest update introduces a revamped version of the Miramar desert map, following several hints across the game's various social media accounts. There has also been an announcement for the next Battle Pass, Guncraft Finishes and more.

The altered version of Miramar will have new housing areas and roads to explore alongside an oasis and urban ruins. Players will also find a racing track there now, complete with a vehicle called the Golden Mirado, only one of which will spawn on the map. There will also be vending machines which will dispense energy drinks and painkillers.

In addition to this, players can also find the Win94, a Miramar exclusive gun that comes with a built-in 2.7x Scope. There will also be a host of achievements and special events to complete that will net players with a variety of rewards.

Elsewhere, the next Royale Pass will start May 13th and will be called Toy Playground. The pass will include a Level 100 Ultra Defender and Puppet Agent Outfit, which will have mix and match options. Beyond that, players will have the choice between a Level 50 Captain Hawk or Level 50 Fire Ranger.

Tencent also revealed that a new feature, Guncraft Finishes will be arriving in the game soon. This will allow players to customise the colour, patterns and emblems on their weapons. It will include an emblem editor that will allow players to overlap various shapes for added customisation.

Finally, Tencent has introduced a new social area called Cheer Park. This will allow up to 20 players to interact in real-time, view information about each other and roast chicken dinners together. From here they'll also be able to team up for different game modes or visit the Shooting Range.

PUBG Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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