Plunder Pirates: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Cheats to be the Greatest Pirate Out There

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 19th, 2014
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Ahoy There, Seadogs:
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Have you just downloaded the rather enjoyable pirate-em-up Plunder Pirates and are in need of some assistance? Never fear, for we’re here with a few tips and tricks to make your early days as a bloodthirsty pirate a bit easier!

Starting Out

  • When you first start, you get the aid of a protective shield for the early moments of your pirating career. Take advantage of it! It won’t be there forever and it’ll cost precious gems to erect a new one. Don’t attack others during this time as your shield will drop.
  • Use that safe time to build up your resources. Grog and gold are everything in this game when it comes to getting anywhere.
  • The game is pretty generous at dishing out gems early on. Use that plentiful supply to hire a second builder to help you build more things at once.
  • Use the remaining gems to start saving towards a third builder. Don’t bother rushing production; it’s just not worth it. Be patient.

A bottle of Rum Grog

  • Collect grog and gold as often as it appears. There’s a cap on how much will be available at any one time so don’t waste it - collect it!
  • Upgrade the grog and gold storage areas as soon as possible. They’re far from big in size and you need as much space as you can get.
  • Also, focus on upgrading the pirate hall as soon as you can. It controls what other structures can be upgraded or purchased too, and really opens up what you can accomplish. That’ll be why it’s so expensive, too!
  • When out exploring, remember you can collect grog and gold from previously explored islands. It all adds up.

Exploration and Progression

  • Following the quests that are available is a great idea. It’s useful for introducing new things to the game and giving you a sense of purpose.
  • Divided into different groups such as building projects, fighting, and exploration, each quest hands out gems, which is very useful in the long run.
  • When exploring the high seas, bear in mind that calm seas are faster to navigate than choppy seas. Take that into consideration when plotting a route.
  • Choose a route carefully to avoid danger when possible.
  • Pirate leaders must be defeated numerous times to truly win. Each time they get a little tougher, too.


  • Deploy strategically when up against the opposition. Once a troop is gone, it’s gone forever - even if you win. Sometimes you don’t need to dish out everything that’s available to you in order to win.
  • Buccaneers are cheap and great cannon fodder, but make sure you have some stronger forces to back them up.
  • Gunners are good at taking down defenses but they’re pretty weak.
  • Pair Gunners up with Brutes. They’re huge and slow but they soak up a huge amount of damage.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of pirate.


  • When building your base’s defenses, focus on protecting your resources and pirate hall. You can’t cover everything, so prioritize.
  • Create tunnels of walls rather than a solid surrounding. You want your enemies to have to follow a long path to get to where they’re going.
  • In conjunction with that, use stun mortars and stun bombs to slow them down so your cannons can pick them off along the way.

Treasure Hoarding

  • You can buy gems, but there are cheaper ways to gain them.
  • Complete quests as fast as possible to watch that gem count steadily increase.
  • Explore the sea! Sometimes you’ll discover some random gems, and it’s fun to explore anyhow.
  • Clear obstacles on your island. It’ll make the place look better, plus you can find some valuable gems along the way.

    Plunder Pirates

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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