In case you were unaware, One Man Left Studios (Tilt to Live, Outwitters, etc) recently announced their new cooperative digital board game, Space Food Truck, via Kickstarter. We didn't mention this earlier because it was originally said to be for Mac and PC. But now they've officially stated that the game is coming to iOS, so yay!

Space Food Truck is, as I've said, a cooperative board game where players will hop from planet to planet across a procedurally-generated galaxy, searching for special ingredients and preparing the right dishes for the planets that desperately want them. It sounds a lot like the trading aspects of most space sim/adventure games, but with a healthy dose of food preparation and humor. Well, maybe not "healthy." I feel like your ship might violate a few galactic health code rules.

Regardless of the Kickstarter campaign's success, Space Food Truck is still coming - a statement in their official press release mentions that the extra funding is intended for some additional flair and polishing time. The Mac and PC versions are on-track to release at the end of this year, with a tablet release planned soon after.

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